The stories behind the stuff

I have been loving having our pop up shop which we have been holding in the basement of Hung Up Gallery on Derby Road in Nottingham since the middle of September. The best bit for me is meeting all the customers and having a chat about the different items we have in stock, whether that be me telling them where it has come from or them telling me where it is going. Knowing that this week, a beerkeller table from a German beer hall in Munich is now a dining room table for a lovely young couple to fit all their friends round for dinner, an educational poster of an elephant from a school in Czechoslovakia is now going to be framed and put up in a new baby's nursery and some 1970s military gym lockers are now going to have children's coats and shoes hanging in them in a hallway of a family home is the reason I love doing what I do. I love a good story as much as I love a beautiful piece of antique or vintage furniture and seeing items reused and reloved rather than thrown away is a great feeling. So if you are in the area before the 19th October come along Wednesday-Saturday 10-5  and maybe find something to give a new story to.

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